The Power of Focus

Do you read Asymco?  It's one of my favorite blogs.  Horace Dediu applies deep data analysis to the tech world and produces some pretty amazing insights.  Almost every post brings me new perspective and understand on the forces at play in today's technology market.

The most recent post "Think Small" is one of the best pieces I've read.  It's based on comments from Tim Cook about Apple's product strategy.  He mentions that Apple's entire product strategy can fit on a table, and from that small line-up Apple produces incredible revenue, thick profits and rapid growth.


How many organizations need to learn this lesson: there is power in doing less.  There is this tendency to believe we need to offer more products, at more prices or more services to cover more markets in order to gain share.  All the while it is the specialists who win.  Apple is  great example.  Valve is another.  Instead of trying to be like EA or Activision with titles for every demographic, Valve focuses on a few franchises they can do extremely well.  When, like Apple, they decided it was important to control their customer experience they moved into digital distribution by launching Steam.  Steam is focused.

Think about the companies that are dominating today's markets.  They all do few things well and say no to anything outside their core mission.

In your next meeting, planning session or strategy summit think about what your organization stands for.  Ask yourself what you can do with extreme excellence–what you can do better than any other firm.  Say no to everything else.