The iPhone 5

I haven't ordered an iPhone 5 yet, but I thought I'd share my impressions for anyone who's interested now that I've had the chance to actually use one.  Consumer response the the iPhone 5 is obviously off the charts.  Apple sold 5 million of them over the weekend.  Although I'm still not sure if I'll keep my 4S another year or upgrade, my hands-on time with the device makes a few things obvious.

  • The build quality on this phone is better than anything Apple has ever made.  You get the feeling of a luxury watch instead of a cell phone.
  • It feels much lighter than the 4S.  It's dramatic.
  • The 4S is not slow, but the 5 is much faster.  If I use a 5 too much, I won't be able to keep my 4S.
  • The camera is remarkable, especially in low light conditions.
  • There aren't any opportunities to test LTE networks in Tallahassee.
  • This phone is a big win for international travel.
  • I don't know if I like the taller screen.  I'm craving a smaller iPhone, not a larger one.  I am very much in the minority here.
  • The color fidelity on the iPhone 5 is remarkable.

My wife has an iPhone 4, so I plan to upgrade her to the iPhone 5 when supplies get better.  What about you?  Did you make the jump?  Are you planning to?