Why I turned off my comments

I've disabled post comments on my blog. Although I think web comments on most sites are pretty bad, I've seen some sites where comments were a forum for fantastic dialog and learning. In general, the comments on my site belong in that second group. So why did I turn off comments?

Speed. No matter what page commenting system I use, comments dramatically increase the time it takes for my site to load. With comments off, my site loads really quickly–even on mobile devices. Speed matters on the web. New readers are more likely to stick if my pages load quickly.

So long, comments.

So long, comments.

My comments were too lightly used to justify the performance penalty. My readers are far more likely to share their thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or my contact form. Seriously, I usually get more contact form submissions that comments. I've had posts with hundreds of thousands of readers but only dozens of comments. That low an interaction rate doesn't justify keeping comments active.

So, comments have gone in order to make my site responsive for you.