I don't usually do resolutions, but the passage of 2013 and the arrival of 2014 seem to coincide with a movement in my heart. This is where I feel a New Year taking me.

I'm going to eat a bit less and exercise a bit more. I felt better at the close of 2012 than I do at the close of 2013.

I'm going to focus less on the words of influential people like Phil Robertson, Barack Obama, John Boehner, Marc Driscoll, and others while focusing more on feeding, clothing, visiting, and caring for the people in our world who have the least.

I will work against material and spiritual poverty. I am richly blessed with food, shelter, clothing, money, friends, and community and I am called to use all those resources for others.

I'm going to think about good things as others react to the words of influencers, both on the Internet and in person. While dialog creates growth and insight, bickering produces only division.

I'm going to work less on achieving long term goals and more on doing something for other people today, here, now.

I'm going to get rid of more of my stuff and live more simply. The clutter created by what I own and my desire to keep it near me slows my thinking, saps my creativity, and makes me afraid to live a full life.

More than anything, in 2014 I want to be loving, happy, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled. I want to embody these ideas at all times, and with all people.

What is the point of my faith if it doesn't motivate me to change the way I live?