Advent with The Liturgists

Some people may question the wisdom of releasing our Advent liturgy  two days before Christmas. Those people are probably smart.

But November was busy...

And our audience kept asking...

But most important of all, inspiration struck. So, just a few days ago we decided to do a release. It's caused a breakneck schedule, and frankly it could have resulted in some pretty terrible work.

But it hasn't. Somehow, everyone involved in this release had something they *had* to share, some flash of feeling about what God with us, peace on Earth, and goodwill toward men means. Somehow, we made what I think this is the most powerful release we've done. Every track has moved me to tears.

Amena contributed a poem that is poignant and powerful. Michael and Lisa have a song, Oh Light, that sits in the space of "God with us" and reflects the transcendent tones of the idea. Michael and I put together a couple of Ignation Spiritual Exercises that are easily the most powerful meditations we've produced.

And I haven't even heard what The Brilliance, Sleeping At Last, and Jason Morant have come up with yet. I may not hear those tracks before you do–but given the work of those artists can't wait to.

It's nutty that we're releasing an Advent work the week of Christmas. We don't even have cover art yet! But I hope you guys get nutty with us. This is our best work to date.