My Most Popular Posts of 2014

Today is the last day of 2014, and that means you can't throw a HTTP request without getting back a best of 2014 article. I'm giving into peer pressure and offer one as well. It's been a wild, wonderful year for me, and the blog reflects that. In 2013, I made an award transition from tech blogging to mainly talking about spiritual things. In 2014, I felt a lot more comfortable in my own spiritual skin, and I think this year's writing reflects that.

To make this list, I pulled a 12 year "All Pages" report in Google Analytics, and then filtered out anything that wasn't a 2014 Blog Post (more on that below.

My Most Popular 2014 Blog Posts

  1. White Thoughts on Being Black. Race and racism are once again at the forefront of our national dialog, and I wrote those post for white people who may not understand that it's still advantageous to be white in America.
  2. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. This is the most popular post from The Doubt Series about how I read the Bible as a person who accepts a scientific worldview.
  3. Drifting from Biblical Orthodoxy. My bemusement over Evangelicals telling someone they are unorthodox.
  4. The Doubt Series. This is the work I'm most proud of this year. I wrote a series on doubt, based on my own experience of returning to faith from atheism. I'm really glad this made the top 10.
  5. An Easy Checklist for Damaging Theology. How do we know if our faith is helping or harming?
  6. Ken Ham, The Christian Post, and Being Wrong. People on the Internet love to get worked up about issues. I found myself in the middle of one such maelstrom.
  7. God Our Mother Comes Out Tomorrow. Me reflecting on the potential for people to misunderstand the point of our Mother's Day liturgy (they didn't).
  8. My Story. A very long recording of my story from faith to atheism and back.
  9. Walking With God Through Doubt. Practical advice on how to relate to God and practice faith when you don't know what you believe.
  10. My Reading List. Books I recommend about science and faith.

These lists favor posts from earlier in the year because older posts have more time to accumulate traffic. Several recent posts would have been in the top 5 based on their first week of traffic.

  1. Not Ready to Make Mean. Reflections on someone who told me I'm too nice.
  2. What Oprah and My Wife Taught Me About God and Male Privilege. I took my wife and my pastor to an Oprah event. It blew my mind.
  3. Exciting News About My Work. My announcement about joining the amazing array of writers and artists represented by Chaffee Management Group.

These posts were in the top 10, but are actually from 2013.

  1. Problems With Nest Thermostat 4.0. One of my last technical posts remains a favorite for people looking for tech support via Google.
  2. Review of Gungor's I AM MOUNTAIN. I don't always review records, but when I do I use way too many words.

Of course, the most popular item in my traffic list wasn't a blog post at all. It was the homepage: Over a quarter million people typed my name, with correct spelling, in a web browser address bar this year. That's amazing. Even more surprising to me was the number three page in terms of traffic: About Mike.

I've had an about page on my site for years, and it's never gotten any real traffic. It's not just a fluke either, my about page is one of the most consistently read pages on the site. To give you some idea, my about page got less that 1,000 views in 2013, and more than 100,000 in 2014. I don't know what to say about it. That's not false modesty or anything, it's honestly puzzling. It's confusing enough that I thought about leaving it out of the list altogether.

But enough awkward navel-gazing! The main thing I've learned from reflecting on 2014 is how grateful I am for all of you. You guys take the time to now only read the blog and listen to the podcast, but you also share it with others. Thousands of you have taken the time to email me an encouraging message. The Internet has a reputation as a cynical, mean-spirited place, but in our little corner I've found something altogether different...

Safe, supportive community.

Thank you.