I'm sharing my story in Tallahassee

I travel all over the country talking to people about the tension between science and God. I have a lot to say about this topic thanks to my own experience back to faith from atheism. Yet, I've never had a chance to share my story in my own community.

Until now.

I'm sharing my story on March 2, 2014 at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church. The event starts a 6:00 PM and kicks of a series of Sunday night events for Lenten.

We'll talk about doubt, insecurity, brain science, physics, and the God who moves in this world. This talk is for you if you want to love God, but can't get past all the ancient mythology and controversy. This talk is also for anyone who resents or doubts the story science tells about our Universe because it threatens the way they understand God. This talk is for anyone who has ever looked toward the unknown with fear, or feared loss because of what has become known.

Tallahassee, I'd love for you to join me.