New Podcast: Ask Science Mike

I love to answer questions. It's my favorite part of any event. It's my favorite part of my blog (even if the quantity is sometimes overwhelming). I love it.

My journey through life has offered me a novel perspective on the world–I'm fluent in both secularism and spiritualism. There are people like me who don't find their identity in both categories, but struggle to find a community that understands that. I can help someone in that predicament find the insight they need to keep growing because I've been there. I can help the unreligious understand the motivations and heart of spiritual people, and I have a knack for explaining scientific concepts to people who are unfamiliar with most modern scientific frameworks.

More than any of that I learn when people ask me questions. Anytime someone asks me a question I haven't heard before, I make connections in my own mind that wouldn't be made otherwise. Somehow, in this interaction between question and answer both parties benefit.

I love The Liturgists Podcast. We haven't been at it very long, but we're already more successful at it than I thought possible. It's a program with high aspirations and correspondingly high production values. We want to create deep, insightful conversations on topics that are important in our time.

But something in me longs for that staccato fire of Q&A that's not feasible in that format. And judging by all the questions that come in through my blog and Facebook page, a lot of you want something quicker and focused on answers. That's why I'm starting a new, quick-and-dirty podcast called "Ask Science Mike."

As its name implies, I'm only half of the program. The other half is you. I'm not going to plan the episodes, you are. Once a week (and more often if I get enough questions) I'll post an episode with my favorite questions. All you have to do is post a question to Twitter, Soundcloud, or YouTube using #asksciencemike.

You can also post questions via the Ask Science Mike web page–a boon for those without the technical expertise to record and post audio or video snippets, or those who have questions they want to ask anonymously. I've already received a lot of questions this way though, so a recorded question is the best way to be a part of the show.

I think the show will be more interesting if people share recordings though. Otherwise, it's just going to be my voice. Well, my voice and a really catchy theme song. I look forward to hearing your questions–I think we're going to make a great show together.