Ask Science Mike and Unexpected Success

Dear Everyone,

Ask Science Mike will have launched by the time you read this. It's a new weekly podcast where I answer questions about how science and faith work together. The show wasn't even my idea–several of my followers on Twitter suggested it.

My vision was to do something quick and easy. I registered a domain and added a page to my existing website. I made a profile on Twitter. Simple stuff. It took a few hours this weekend to produce an episode that I'm pretty happy with. I expected to launch with a few dozen subscribers and see what happened over the next few months.

That's not what happened.


Ask Science Mike broke the top 10 in Religion & Spirituality and the top 200 on all of iTunes before I even put an episode out. I've already got thousands of subscribers, and I've been looking at numbers like an addict.

Think about that: thousands of subscribers for a show that hasn't launched and started as a joke. How would you feel? Because I am elated, grateful, and terrified.

I'm elated because all the pain I've been through to get to this place with God strikes a chord in the hearts of other people.

I'm grateful because there are all these people out there who support me and appreciate my work.

I'm terrified because I don't want to let everyone down. I feel like I planned a backyard Karaoke party and 5,000 people showed up. What if the show comes out and no one likes it? What if no one asks questions for next week's show?

Here's the deal, the bottom line: I am having a blast on this journey with all of you. It's a remarkable sort of grace that I met God, but then I am the one who is blessed when I tell others there is hope.

I can't wait to see where we take this. You all are really running the show.

Science Mike

P.S. - You're going to love the theme song written by my BFF Jeb Bodiford.