Reader Mail - The Fourth Dimension and God

Subject: The Fourth dimension Question

Message: I lost faith in God and religion sometime ago. Efforts to convince me otherwise have been fruitless. I am, at best, an agnostic. Somedays I am an athiest. I've been reading a bit about the fourth dimension and have begun to wonder if the ideas of other dimensions might fill in the blanks. Many scientists believe that time is the fourth dimension, but some are beginning to disagree. I'm not a scientist, but I am trying t make sense of the lies I've swallowed by religious folks. What do you have to say about other dimensions, eternity, spirituality, and faith in what we cannot see? I realize this is a vague question. Can you help me understand how spirituality and the physical universe come together?

Message: Let’s start with a fun science video…

We know of three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. String Theory is one model that tries to rectify relativity with quantum mechanics, and its “extra” dimensions are curled up like a pig’s tail—which is why we don’t experience them. But String Theory is just a theory, not a Theory. It’s unproven in the world of science.

I’m not sure at all that there is any separation between the spiritual and physical universe. You and I are made up of empty space and energy that’s interacting with fields to take on the appearance of matter. The “solid” stuff in us is just energy that slowed down and started interacting with the Higgs field. That’s more magical and mystical than the classical understanding of the spirit world.

So, spirituality is how I cope with being a part of the Universe aware of itself. It’s a search for peace, for oneness, and the best way to live. I find Christ’s example most compelling, and my spiritual experiences are decidedly Christian, so I follow Jesus and participate in the church.

We don’t have answers to the biggest questions. Science is the tool I use to learn more about our world, and faith is the tool I use to find purpose and meaning in the life I’ve been given.

Finally, don’t fret over the lies you’ve been told. They weren’t lies. To lie, you have to have an intention to deceive someone, and most religious folk believe what they’re saying. They may have been wrong, but they were probably not lying. You’ll find more peace in life if you can find a way to forgive them and move on. I know that’s hard, but you’re the one who’s hurt by bitterness, not the ones who hurt you.

Grace and peace,
Science Mike