The Seed

There is a seed in you, the start of something new. It doesn't matter how much, or how little you've accomplished. It doesn't matter how much success or failure you've tasted. Those things just set the conditions of the soil–the moisture, the fertile nature. Either way the seed is there, and inside is a shoot. It presses against its hard protective, shell. That vessel protected the seed on its journey into the ground of your heart. All those knocks on the fall from above, and hungry birds that wanted its energy.

But now it's time to sprout. It's time to grow. And there is no greater risk than new growth. The sprout changes its environment as it grows. In its search for The Light, the shoot must cast its own shadow, changing the landscape. It's chaotic, competitive, primal, mysterious, and beautiful.

It will scare the shit out of you.

But that seed has been planted in you for a reason. You are the only one that may birth this new idea, new energy, and new work into the world. Your whole life has prepared you for this, your voice must rise into the chorus of the world and contribute to the great symphony cacophony that we call humanity.

And you know it.

It's there when you get out of bed and brush your teeth. It's at the office in long meetings. It's there when you drive from place to place, that seed, pressing against the dirt, shooting down roots and stretching up toward The Light.

Water it. Even though it hurts, water it. Give that little green shoot every thing it needs to grow tall and strong, to cast shadows and capture The Light from Above.

But the forest of your heart will change. And others who walk in your heart may be startled by the change. Perhaps their favorite tree fell as this one grew. Perhaps they preferred a more barren landscape that matched their own. But whatever it is, some people can't come along as you grow. They aren't ready. They may never be.

It doesn't matter. Because although your new thing may help others (or it may be totally unknown), that's not the point. That seed was sent for you and you alone. It's here to mess up your life, it's here to create what has not been created, and it's going to be the most tragic, beautiful thing you've ever seen.

At least, until the next seed falls from above.

Keep growing.

photo credit: P1030571 via photopin (license)