Finding God in the Waves, Finally

I'm an author now. I never saw it coming, but with the release of Finding God in the Waves, I'm an-honest-to-goodness author. Words are my livelihood: podcasts, talks, articles, and now, books. I'm so thrilled, and so humbled. It's hard to explain.

I worked so hard on this book–to make it useful, evocative contribution to the intersection of science and faith. So many people today want to believe in God, but struggle to because of the (fantastic) insights we're offered by science. I've walked that road, and I couldn't find a better way to share it than 288 pages in book form.

I didn't expect to be so nervous. Or so excited. Or so moved by every tweet, every Facebook post, or every email where someone shares how the words on those pages moved them to laughter, or tears.

Or growth.

Criticism will come, probably when I least expect it. But for now, I will rejoice in this simple thing.

"My name is Mike McHargue, and I am an author."

In an age of cosmological insights, God can seem like an outdated concept-a relic from a more superstitious age. In this video, Mike McHargue explains why the word God still matters in this age of science.