Behold the Power of the Beard

What is more manly than the beard? Prominent facial plumage is so powerful that other men view the bearded members of their sex as more threatening than those with smooth cheeks. I keep my glorious display of raw follicle power trimmed close as a courtesy to those men less blessed by their DNA for most of the year. But on October 31, I set my trimmer guard as low as I could and trimmed my beard close. I wouldn't do so again for a full month.

My glorious facial plumage.

My glorious facial plumage.

In honor of Movember, I haven't trimmed my beard all month. That's fun on its own, but it's pointless if I don't take a moment to tell you what this event is about.

Movember is about men's health. Guys generally don't like to go to the doctor. We'll go if we're ill or injured, but most men aren't interested in regular checkups or physicals. The routine examinations for testicular cancer and prostate cancer are unpleasant. No man wants to turn his head and cough, and we don't even mention the other one. That's both reasonable and unfortunate–these cancers are easily treated when detected early. So guys, listen to my beard and call your doctor's office for a checkup. Too man husbands and fathers are plucked from the prime of life because they avoided a few seconds of unpleasantness. Call your doctor today.