This is Water

One of my favorite things in life is running across some piece of media that describes my feelings or experiences better than I have been able to. It doesn't happen a lot–I'm blessed with both an interesting life story and a relatively unique take on life, love, and God. For all the odd, frustrating things about being me, there is a much more wonderful thing about being a person who has lived a life of faith, lost that faith and then returned to a faith far more mysterious than the one before: perspective. My witches brew of Christian mysticism and materialistic empiricism almost always reminds me to look at the happenings of my life from a cosmic perspective.

My friends' eyes usually glaze over when I tell them this. That's a sign that I haven't landed on the best way to say something yet. Fortunately for me, David Foster Wallace landed on a better way to say it years ago, and now someone has helpfully transformed that speech into a very easy to watch video.

I am recommending this video for you to watch. I hope that it will make you stop and think, "This is water."

This is what I talk about when I talk about God.