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Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate Evolution vs. Creationism

The Internet is all aflutter over tonight's debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. It's an oversimplification to call this debate "evolution vs. creationism," as both men are taking more specific positions. Bill Nye is defending Evolution via Natural Selection, as well as The Big Bang Theory, Cosmic Inflation, and all the other naturalistic explanations for how the Universe formed and life appeared and diversified. Ken Ham, on the other hand, is a Young Earth Creationist–advocating a literal interpretation of the Genesis account and all that comes with it.

There are many other views than these two, of course. There are Old Earth Creationists. There are people who believe in the same events that Bill Nye advances, only they believe they were directed by God. It's not as simple as "A vs B," but that's how this debate is set up.

I have great respect for Bill Nye, but I don't have high hopes for this debate. Bill doesn't know enough about the Bible or apologetics to raise objections to Ken's views that fit within Ken's accepted axiomatic model. I expect the two men to speak in circles, failing to build any common ground that could form the basis for an interesting and enlightening conversation.

And I'm going to watch it anyway. Here's the link if you'd like to as well: