How To Create

Ze Frank is one of the people who's work I respect the most. I learned of Ze when he started a daily web video series called "The Show with Ze Frank." It started in 2006, and not many people were going daily web videos back then. Ze continues to do very innovative work, and he is at his best when chaotically organizing an organic group of persons to produce one piece of creative output.

In the video above, Ze talks about what it takes to be a creative person. Many people have aspirations to paint, take photographs, write, make films, play music or some other craft where the goal is to make something. Most people don't ever pursue it.

I work with creative people who are successful--people who get paid to produce commercial art. I also know successful writers, musicians, photographers and other artists. I knew many of them when they first started, and their work was interesting but not remarkable. But they kept creating.

I've started to follow this call in my own life, stepping beyond my comfort zone as a nerdy technologist into a person who shares ideas and stories through words. I write every day and I tell stories every time someone is willing to listen. The most startling thing I've encountered is how powerfully something I create can resonate in another person, even someone I have never met.

It's risky. No matter what you create, someone won't like it. But, that fire in your belly that roars to get out calms when you swallow your fear and pride and just share from your heart.

What is the world missing because you aren't sharing? Create, today.