Q&A Session on God, the Brain, and Faith

There were some really great questions in the Q&A time at Collective Church last week. They've releases the questions from both services on their podcast feed. Given the positive feedback I've gotten from blog readers about that talk, I thought this may interest some of you as well. Questions ranged from the way emotions happen in our brains, to dealing with trauma, and what it's like to be an atheist in church.

Check it out.

New Talk on God & the Brain

I gave a talk on the brain, God, prayer, and doubt this weekend at Collective Church. It was a fantastic experience, and if you're looking for a church in Ft. Worth, Texas, try them out on a Sunday morning. There's a lot of new stuff in here that I haven't published before. If you're into the kinds of things I write about, this is worth your 51 minutes to listen along.

You can listen here.

This is Your Brain on God

I recently had the opportunity to do some science at a 2Days with Rob Bell conference. As part of that time, I talked a bit about what happens in the brains of people who believe in and worship God. Some of the friends I made there asked me to write up that part of the talk, but I was too tired.

So I made a video for them instead.

I'll cover all this in more detail during my doubt series, as well as my talk at Good Samaritan UMC this Sunday night.