good sam

My Story

Can God possibly exist in an age where science explains our world so well?

I was blessed with the opportunity to share my story at my church. I tell the story of my journey from Christianity to atheism, and how God reached out to call me home. On the way we talk about neuroscience, doubt, atheism, and how humans can know anything.

I'm posting the video and audio here for the folks who've asked for it. The first five minutes of video are missing (I forgot to tell the cameraman how my camera works). The audio version is beneath the video.

HUGE THANKS to all of you who came out. It was a wonderful time, and I loved hearing your stories.

BONUS NOTES - things I forgot to mention.

  • My dad is my hero and I love him. The most important part of our story is redemption and reconciliation.
  • You can learn all about The Liturgists (a project started by Gungor) here.