Upcoming Events in March

There's a lot going on in March, and I'd love for you to be a part of it.

I'm giving a talk about knowing God in an age of science on March 2. It'll be at 6:00 PM at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Tallahassee (down by Southwood). I'll talk about my experience rediscovering God after atheism, and how we reconcile the teachings of the Christian faith with the insights offered by modern science. I don't get to do many events at home, so I'd love to see all my local friends and family at this event.

I'll be on the road with The Liturgists the rest of the week. The Liturgists are a collective of artists, musicians, and creators who create art and experiences designed to direct our attention to God. We'll release the first bit of work in March, as well as kick off with a week of events. We've got some really exciting stuff planned for these events, and the first dates are shown below:

March 4, Binkley Chapel - Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC BUY TICKETS

March 6, Pardington Hall - Nyack College, Nyack, NY, BUY TICKETS

March 7, Browncroft Community Church, Rochester, NY, BUY TICKETS

March 8, Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH, PRIVATE EVENT

If you're near Tallahassee, Wake Forest, New York City, Rochester, or Columbus, I'd love to see you next week.