Interviews Everywhere

I do a lot of interviews, but I've had several recently that I especially enjoyed. I'm posting them here for any of you who may be interested in what we discussed--they all cover topics I frequently get emailed about.

I talked about the philosophical and practical implications that science has for Christianity with the folks over at Theologies.com. This was a really nerdy talk, and more theological/philosophic than my usual fare. For those of you who've asked me about those kinds of discussions, this one is for you.

My friend Lanny Donoho and I sat down to talk about the science of prayer and meditation, as well as practical tips to try mindfulness. That conversation wandered into faith, doubt, and how the church and best help those who are working out what they believe.

At the End of the Day Podcast asked me about the science of gender and orientation in the light of LGBT equality and the modern church. I really learned a lot from the hosts of the show, and I think it's a great listen for anyone who wants to dig deeper into the science of attraction and what it means for people of faith.

Of course, there's a brand new Ask Science Mike today (The Apocrypha, Death, and The Day The Sun Stood Still), and The Liturgists Podcast just released a really popular episode on The End of the World.

photo credit: podcast via photopin (license)

Safe, Supportive Spiritual Community

Most churches call their main building a "sanctuary," but many people find the environment inside to be alienating and hostile. The dramatic decline in church membership and attendance over the last 30 years speaks to the way many people have been hurt by the Church.

Is there a better way? On the most recent episode of The Liturgists Podcast, I sat down with my pastor and took questions from our audience to discuss how we can make church safe, and ways people who are searching for a supportive community can find one.

You can hear the episode here.

Newsworthy with Norsworthy

I had the good fortune of being a  guest on Newsworthy with Norsworthy. We talked about science, skepticism, God, the brain, bass guitar, tattoos, and my inability to understand time. It was a really fun interview, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

I plan to return to actual blog posts next week. My heavy travel schedule has really slowed down my doubt series lately, but I have a couple weeks at home now, so I should have time to write again.