Love & Fighting

One of my favorite people to follow is Ze Frank. One of his more recent ventures is something called "a show with ze frank," which is the sequel to an earlier thing called "the show with ze frank." Don't over think this. I just want you to have basic context for the video I want you to watch.

Ze's most recent episode of a show is about conflict in relationships. It's really good and I think you should watch it if you've ever been in a argument, or one day could find yourself in an argument. A warning to my more conservative readers: there is a bit of profanity in the f--- genre.

A couple things jump out at me after watching this. First, I am almost always focused on the content argument, so I am really frustrating to people who are focused on the emotional argument. My poor wife is very much in the second camp. Marriage to me is an ongoing test of her sanity. I also tend to even avoid my own side of the emotional argument. As much as I embrace and amplify the part of me that is loving, generous, kind, and friendly, I suppress and attack the part of me that is sad, dependent, wounded, needy or angry. That's not healthy, and I should learn to process the bad instead of just telling it to go away.

You guys and gals, my readers, respond much more when I write about technology or controversial matters of faith. I get many more views, comments or emails about Apple Stores or how old the Earth is than I do about things like this. I think this, how we deal with conflict and relationships, is more important than all that stuff. So, I offer you a challenge.

I told you what this video taught me. Now I want you to tell me what you learned, because I want to learn it too. What are your secrets for dealing with conflict in a healthy way?