Having a Ball - The Dyson DC41 Animal

I'm a gadget guy. I can't help it.  I like technology for technology's sake. I've been known to buy things that are cool and completely useless. I'm not necessarily all that concerned with a practical application as long as some engineering frontier has been advanced.  Basically, I'm a typical western male.

Sometimes there are gadgets with a purpose.  My favorite things are devices where engineering has been applied to a real problem and the solution is elegant.  In these situations my skinflint nature falls and I will pay far above market price for such a product.  Today, that product is a vacuum.  The Dyson DC41 Animal, to be precise.  Oh, what a beast.

The Glorious Dyson DC41 Animal

I've been a Dyson fan for years.  Our old vacuum is a DC14 Animal, purchased because our Hoover just could not handle the cat hair.  It served us faithfully, and true to its brand it doesn't lose suction.  On the other hand, it has lost scrubbing.  The brush assembly has become so entangled with hair (I live with a wife and two daughters) that it's no longer possible to clear the assembly.  Without this aid, the magical cyclone technology is unable to really clean the carpet.  It is possible to remove everything and maintain the product but it's a pain.  So we didn't until it was too late.

And the animal hair in our home has changed.  No longer to we have a fat, fluffy cat with long hair.  Instead we have Weimaraners. Their short, wiry hair is nearly invisible until it begins to pile into a mass.  Because their hair is so short, it becomes more of a film and our scrub-less DC14 really didn't do much to lift it off the carpet.  So, I ordered a new Dyson.

Today I took it for a spin.  It uses Dyson's Ball technology, and I have to say it is legitimately fun to steer.  The first thing I did was push it past the dogs' kennel.  The hair completely vanished on the first pass.  Nothing was left.  Amazing.  Everywhere I pushed the beast, the effect was the same.  The floor was clean after a single pass.

Of course, the DC14 performed similar magic in its youth.  What is different about the new Ball is a more serviceable design.  The filters are easier to access.  More so, the brush assembly can be easily removed from the vacuum for easy disassembly and cleaning.  I popped the thing apart and I'm amazed how much they've streamlined this process.

I love it when products that require maintenance are designed to make it easy to do so.  For an engineer to not only consider the day to day use of a product, but also its upkeep is something special.  It means the consumer is more likely to do the recommended maintenance at the recommend intervals and the product will be useful longer.

So, the Dyson DC41 verdict.Is it expensive? Absolutely.  Is it worth it? I think so.  A mere mortal vacuum is doomed in a home with two dogs, three girls and an ape-like man.