Church Together

Great Los Angeles has it all: oceans, mountains, surf, snow, and the freedom to be who you want to be in a mild, sunny 4,000 square-mile playground of creativity.

LA has something else, too (at least based on my email inbox): a bunch of deconstructed, post-post-post-everything people who want to go to church sometimes. But, is there anything more alienating that trying a church by yourself?

I get it. I feel the same way. So, let's go together! I'm going to start visiting LA-area churches that are open and affirming. If you miss a brush with the numinous in a more organized setting, you can join me.

Sign up below and you'll be notified a few days before Sunday, and it's your choice if you want to go or not. Anyone who shows up will get together and go to lunch after church.

-Science Mike

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