Let’s reclaim social media together.

I’m on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, like everyone else. But, I’m a believer in the original promise of social media: platforms that democratize and decentralize media. Social media should enable us to connect with each other across cultural and geographic distances. They should enable advocacy and education. Sadly, the outsized roll that massive, for-profit companies like Facebook and Twitter play in social media undermines the potential of social media to create positive impacts on society and our mental health.

So, I while I’m on the big, corporate-owned social media platforms, I really just use them to broadcast what I’m up to and when I’m having events.

But, I’d still love to connect with you on social media using technologies that don’t exploit your attention and manipulate you on behalf of advertisers. If you’re looking for dialogue and interaction, this page will list any social media projects and experiments that I’m a part of right now.


The Liturgists on mastodon

Mastodon is an open-source alternative to Twitter. Thousands of listeners of The Liturgists Podcast and Ask Science Mike have joined me there to have substantive (and frivolous!) conversations in a supportive environment. Mastodon is architected around a free and open internet, and can’t be controlled by any one company. Best of all, Mastodon’s architecture helps prevent the kinds of mass harassment that is so common on Twitter.


The Liturgists on slack

Slack is a platform designed for team communication, but we’ve repurposed it into a private platform for wide ranging, long form discussions. It’s not the easiest thing to learn, but you’ll find an active community there to help show you the ropes—over a thousand people are on our Slack instance.



Patreon is the life-blood of my work. The communities around Ask Science Mike and The Liturgists make all my work possible, not just financially, but culturally. Because of that, I keep an active presence on Patreon—it’s a great way to get a “behind the scenes” look at how my podcasts come to life.


Keybase is a privacy-focused platform for the masses based on encryption. It allows people to verify their identity across different platforms (social media, websites, encryption certificate, etc.), as well as allowing people to communicate via chat and file sharing in a very secure way. It’s quite nerdy, but handy in an age of ever-increasing digital surveillance.