Student to Professor: Evolution is "Just a Theory"

We've all heard stories where a Christian student challenges their professor by saying evolution is "just a theory." These accounts are modern mythology--or urban myths. Real life can be affected by such mythology, as seen below. In this video, a creationist really does challenge her anthropology professor. 

Unlike the myth, the response from her professor is resolute and convincing. If we tell people they must reject science to know God, we're going to turn away an entire generation.

A creationist student says evolution is "just a theory" in a question to Dr. Tim White.

The Liturgists Talk About the Bible

One of the most common questions I get from readers is, "How can we relate to the Bible today?" That will be a topic for a future post in my doubt series. In the meantime, we cover how people approach the Bible in episode 3 of The Liturgists Podcast. Dr. Peter Enns joined us for this discussion (he's the author of one of the books on my reading list).

If you get caught up on the literal vs metaphorical vs mythical ways people interpret the Bible, this episode is for you. It's in the Top 15 on iTunes Religion & Spirituality chart!

The Only ALS Ice Bucket Video You Need to See

Watch this one, and watch it all. You'll be tempted to stop watching because its sill. Don't. Then you'll be tempted to stop watching because it's tragic. Don't.

After you watch this video, you'll get why this little bit of media frenzy is justified, and you'll wish you could do more than dump ice on your head.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My friend Gerard Massey named me in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here's my response:

Doubt in Marriage

I received a note from a reader. She said her husband told her the he was an atheist last year. He's a seminary graduate, and well grounded in the Bible. She also told me that she's afraid to talk to him about it, because she doesn't know if she can handle what he says. This was the last line of her message:

Do you have any advice for me?

I do. I'd offer this advice to anyone who's spouse believes something different than what they do.

Love him. It starts there. Don’t love him in hope he returns to faith, just love him. Go on walks together. Cook dinner and talk about the good times. Laugh, flirt, and delight in each other. Through words and actions, make it clear that you love him, that you will always love him, and that you don’t judge him.

Make him safe in your marriage. He will likely return the favor.

Kill the taboos. Don’t fear any discussion. Don’t try to win or lose. Just talk. Make your life a journey of shared discovery, and enjoy it. Learn to speak honestly, without hostility.

You both have your whole life to learn more about the world. Enjoy it.

Finally, find a cause he loves, some form of charity that he loves. Now make your faith come to life by serving with him. Invite Jesus into his life through your work and your love.

He may win a debate. But, if you try to out-love each other, everyone wins.

You believe in God, so surrender your husband's faith to the One who made him. It is not your job to save him, or to change him. It is your job to love him, as it is his job to love you.

photo credit: Cliffano via photopin cc