I help people know God in an age of incredible scientific insight.

The walls are coming down. Thanks to an explosion in both information from modern science and information accessibility from the Internet, more people than ever struggle with their understanding of God. We're entering an age of skepticism and doubt. That's good, but it also leaves many people lost, confused, and estranged from their communities.

I understand. I have walked the road of doubt, and I have watched God die in the face of modern enlightenment. But, I've also held His hand as he returned to me in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. I use my story and insights to help others find peace in doubt.



I write about how science and faith affect each other and our culture on my blog.

Ask Science Mike

I host a weekly podcast where I answer people's questions about science, faith, and life.

The Liturgists

I cofounded a collective with Michael Gungor to create thoughtful, evocative spiritual art and experiences.

I write about the science of faith–and how science changes our faith.


Too often people of faith are dismissive of science–or worse, mold it to meet their preconceived notions about God. I come from a different perspective. Science is the best means mankind has to learn about the physical world. I let science be science without rejecting faith. Because it's my faith that offers me meaning among all those facts.



All questions are welcome.


For the spiritually frustrated, confused, or estranged, there's often a sense of isolation. It's tough to find a safe place to ask the questions that naturally arise as people's faith grows and changes. So, I started a weekly podcast to address those questions with honesty and grace (with irreverence and whimsy thrown in at no extra charge).



My favorite work is face-to-face.


I love sharing my insights about how science and faith work together from my own story and years of research. I'm always blown away by the enthusiasm and response audiences offer, and I love answering people's questions about science, faith, doubt, and atheism.


The work of the people.


Michael Gungor and I founded The Liturgists to create thoughtful, evocative art and experiences rooted in the diverse soil of the Christian tradition. In time, that work attracted like minds and a community formed. We release works, put on events, and host a twice-monthly podcast to further an intelligent, science-savvy exploration of art and faith that is unapologetically Christian, but open to all.



I have watched God die. Even though I was raised in church and loved God, I became an atheist as an adult. I know what it's like to think the Bible is a contradictory mess, and to believe God is nothing but a fairy tale. That's not the end of my story.

God moved powerfully in my life, but that didn't answer any of my questions. I wrote this series for people who want to believe in God but can't. Start at the bottom and work your way up, or just click on any post that may address a question you have. You can always contact me if you have a question that isn't addressed in the series.