I help people make between science and their faith.

More people than ever are walking away from organized religion. An explosion in both information from modern science and information accessibility from the Internet leads people to new insights about the world–often at odds with the story they grew up with. We're entering an age of skepticism and doubt. That's good, but it also leaves many people lost, confused, and estranged from their communities.

I understand. I have walked the road of doubt, and I have watched God die in the face of modern enlightenment. But, I've also held His hand as he returned to me in the waves of the Pacific Ocean. I use my story and insights to help others find peace in doubt.

Ask Science Mike

I host a weekly podcast where I answer people's questions about science, faith, and life.

My First Book

Coming September 13 - My story of faith losing my faith, meeting God face-to-face, and trying to make sense of it all. Available for preorder now.


I write about how science and faith affect each other and our culture on my blog.

The Liturgists

I cofounded a collective with Michael Gungor to create thoughtful, evocative spiritual art and experiences.

My favorite work is face-to-face.


I love sharing my insights about how science and faith work together from my own story and years of research. I'm always blown away by the enthusiasm and response audiences offer, and I love answering people's questions about science, faith, doubt, and atheism.